Talks and Conference Papers

  • "The Role of Emotion in Neo-sentimentalist accounts of Moral Judgment", for a workshop on the Ethical Aspects of the Emotions

      • The Centre for the Study of Mind in Nature, University of Oslo, Norway, June 12, 2008
  • "Emotions and Deliberative Reasons"

      • Union College, February 1, 2007

  • "Altruism and the Experimental Data on Helping Behavior"
      • Lafayette College, October 25, 2005
      • CUNY Graduate School, Cognitive Science Group, April 1, 2005
  • "Can a Feeling Be a Reason?"
      • Vassar College, November 28, 2001
      • Queens University, Kingston, Ontario, November 15, 2001
      • ‘15 Minute Paper’ Discussion Group, Columbia University Law School, October 23, 2001
  • "Reasons and Deliberative Relevance"
      • American Philosophical Association, Pacific Division meeting (Symposium presentation), San Francisco, CA, March, 2001
      • Barnard College, Columbia University, January 29, 2001
      • Washington University in St. Louis, January 17, 2001

  • "The Normativity of the Instrumental Principle: a preliminary proposal"
      • American Philosophical Association, Eastern Division meeting, New York, NY, December, 2000
      • Southern Society for Philosophy and Psychology, Atlanta, GA, April 21, 2000

  • "The Choice between Actual and Remembered Pain"
      • Washington University in St. Louis, February 11, 2000
      • Carnegie Mellon University, January 24, 2000
      • Society for Philosophy and Psychology, Stanford University, June 21, 1999
      • American Philosophical Association, Pacific Division meeting, Berkeley, CA, April 1, 1999

  • "Prudence and Dissociation from the Present"
      • University of Georgia, February 4, 2000
      • The Graduate School at CUNY, Graduate Philosophy Conference, April 24, 1999
      • Union College, February 1, 1999

  • "Reasons and Other Turn-ons"
      • New Jersey Regional Philosophy Association, Felician College, November 14, 1998

  • "Motivation and Power Relations in the Classroom"
      • Teaching/Learning Conference, Rutgers University, January 24, 1998                 (Published in the Teaching/Learning Conference proceedings by the Teaching Assistant Project, the Graduate School - New Brunswick, 2000.)

  • "What's Art Got to Do With It?: the National Endowment for the Arts, the Aesthetic, and the Public"
      • Conference, The Aesthetic: Art and World, Center for the Critical Analysis of Contemporary Culture, Rutgers University, December 5, 1997

Workshop and Panel Presentations

      “Can a Relativist Be Tolerant?”, Presentation and panel discussion, In Terrorism's Wake: Community Forum on Moral Relativism and the Conflict of Values,  Barnard College, January 28, 2002

       “Motivating Students”, Workshop leader, Rutgers - New Brunswick TA Orientation, August 28, 1997

       “Cognitive Psychology and the Bias Toward Endings”, Presentation to Rutgers Undergraduate Philosophy Group, February 18, 1997

       “Academic Integrity and Ethical Issues”, Panelist, Rutgers - New Brunswick Foreign TA Orientation, Aug. 28, 1996

       “Politics and Emotion in the Classroom”, Workshop leader, October 12, 1995, sponsored by the Teaching Assistant Project, the Graduate School - New Brunswick, Rutgers University

       “The Gateway Student”, Invited speaker, Gateway Program TA Workshop, sponsored by Rutgers University Faculty of Arts and Sciences, August 29, 1995