Graduate Courses

Columbia University

     Reason and Value metaethics seminar:  Desires, Sentiments, and Science

     Moral Philosophy: On 20th century metaethics

Undergraduate Courses

Barnard College      

     Moral Philosophy 

     Mind and Morals  

     Senior Seminar: On the Emotions 

     First Year Seminar: Immortality, Death, & the Meaning of Life 

     Senior Essay  

     What is Philosophy, Anyway? 

     Philosophy & Human Existence 

At Le Monde with Barnard Senior philosophy majors in 2012:

Washington University, St. Louis

     Mind and Morals  (Spring 2001)            

     Problems in Philosophy  (Fall 2001)

New York University

     Belief, Truth, and Knowledge  (Spring 2000)

     Ethical Theory  (Spring 2000)

     Ethics and Society  (Fall 1999)

Rutgers - New Brunswick                                     

    •     Medical Ethics  (Spring 1999)

     Philosophical Perspectives on Death and Dying  (Summer 1997)

     Formal Logic 
(Spring 1994; Spring 1993 at Upsala College; Summer 1992 at Rutgers-Newark)

     Current Moral & Social Issues
(Summer 1994, 1993; Spring 1992; Summer 1992 at Rutgers-Newark)

     Gateway Retention Program:
Three sections for developmental students

At Symposium (the restaurant) with Barnard first-year writing students in 2004: